Many people base their ideas about fairy tales and their history on contemporary notions of the genre, which have largely been shaped by Disney and its focus on passive princesses and male writers and collectors like Charles Perrault, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, and Hans Christian Andersen. Some of the myths about fairy tales that continue to circulate include: they were written for children (by men), they are filled with passive princesses, they are timeless.

Debunking Myths about Fairy Tales explores these myths about fairy tales and many more. I hope to feature important scholars to weigh in on these myths we have about the nature and history of fairy tales in hopes that the general public will gain a better appreciation of, first, the important role women played in the development and flourishing of the genre over the centuries; second, the fact that passive princesses were not always the rule (history doesn't always get better); third, fairy tales were often written by and for adults; fourth, like women writers and editors, many a male writer and editor published tales with empowered heroines. These represent only a few of the themes to be explored in this blog.

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